Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations are primarily the responsibility of law enforcement organizations. However, these organizations are often overburdened and thus selective about the matters they will pursue, especially as to fraud and white collar crime.    Sometimes law enforcement organizations and criminal prosecutors will not take action until an investigation has been conducted to prove and document the criminal activity.

All criminal investigations performed by Gary C. Johnson and Associates are conducted by former Special Agents of the FBI.  We have extensive successful criminal investigative experience from private practice and many years of service with the FBI, considered by many to be the preeminent law enforcement agency in the world.

We know what information criminal prosecutors are looking for, what evidence must be collected, verified, and presented to prosecutors to establish a case strong enough to warrant prosecution.

We analyze the facts and evidence, conduct key witness interviews, gather evidence in a manner admissible in criminal proceedings, assemble background information, conduct physical surveillance, and work with our computer forensics experts to analyze your computers for electronic evidence and recovery of lost or deleted computer data. We then prepare a report of findings for presentation to the appropriate law enforcement organization or criminal prosecutor’s office and maintain supportive communication on your behalf with the investigators and prosecutors assigned.

Our FBI training and many years of FBI criminal investigative experience has taught us to insist upon attention to detail, exactness, honesty, and integrity in our methods and results.