Litigation Support

Gary C. Johnson and Associates provides litigation support during mediations, arbitrations, pre-trial negotiations, and trial.  We assist through fact finding and forensic analysis, and by assisting attorneys with investigations, witness interviews, trial strategy, and deposition and trial testimony.

Our team of former FBI Special Agents combines many years of criminal and civil investigative and trial experience with exceptional analytical, interviewing, and writing skills.  These skills enhance our forensic accounting expertise to provide the highest possible quality of support.

Successful outcomes at settlement negotiations or trial rely upon persuasive information and testimony.  Gary C. Johnson articulates technical concepts and complex subjects in understandable ways.

Gary C. Johnson has many years of experience testifying in Federal and state courts, including nationally recognized expertise in preparing for and supporting complex financial litigation and in providing expert witness evaluation and testimony.

The training and experience the Gary C. Johnson and Associates team acquired while serving with the FBI uniquely prepares them for direct and cross examination questioning at hearing and trial.