Risk Management

Fraud Risk Evaluations

We believe your organization can obtain an enhanced level of financial security through our periodic, proactive fraud risk evaluations intended to prevent financial mismanagement and misappropriation before they happen. We will analyze your internal accounting controls, talk with management and key personnel, and perform other steps we consider necessary to give you our conclusions and recommendations for reducing the likelihood of your organization becoming the victim of fraud.

Polygraph Examination

Polygraph examinations have long been used in criminal and civil investigations and in administrative misconduct inquiries.  Gary C. Johnson and Associates employs FBI trained and experienced polygraph examiners who have conducted thousands of polygraph examinations, and who follow the highest standards of moral, ethical, and professional conduct.

Electronic Information Security

Cyber threats are increasing as organizations continue to use and store proprietary information in electronic form.  Gary C. Johnson and Associates partners with nationally recognized IT security experts who assess, analyze, and remediate risks that could compromise the security of your computer systems and electronic information resulting in detrimental breaches of confidentiality among your employees and clients. Our IT security experts provide a full range of services that enable organizations to improve security programs and maintain compliance with the comprehensive list of demanding regulations.

Electronic Surveillance Detection

Surreptitious, high-technology, electronic surveillance listening devices pose an ongoing and severe threat to corporations. Business plans and decisions, personnel actions, and highly confidential proprietary information can be compromised and used to your detriment. If you believe you are being subjected to electronic surveillance, or want to ensure that an upcoming event will not be compromised, we can assist. Our FBI trained and experienced electronic surveillance experts use the latest and most sophisticated electronic surveillance detection equipment and are well versed in applicable statutes to ensure that we remain within the boundaries of the law.

Threat Assessment

Threats arising from such events as employee misconduct or dismissal, harassing letters or telephone calls, stalking, and workplace violence are disruptive and can even end tragically. We employ FBI trained and experienced threat assessment experts to rapidly assess, investigate, and diffuse such intolerable workplace actions. We also provide onsite security options to ensure safety during difficult employment actions or terminations.